Our Services

We specialize in new commercial construction, restorations and repairs, commercial interiors, and remodeling.

New Commercial Construction

Rangel Construction knows the excitement involved when a new building is constructed. Each of our new structures are planned thoroughly, constructed with integrity and quality, and finished with great pride. If you want to learn more about our new commercial construction services, click here.

Commercial restorations and Building repairs

Rangel Construction is an industry leader in the rehabilitation and reconstruction of existing buildings. We’ve had the great honor to work on some of South Dakota’s oldest and most well-known historic structures. If you need repairs or rebuilding to your structure, or want to know more about our restorations and repairs, click here.

Commercial interiors and renovations

Rangel Construction knows that commercial interior finishes are truly icing on the cake, and that they must be crisp, clean, and beautiful. If you need some interior work, or want to know more about our commercial interiors, click here.

Commercial remodeling and new additions

As time goes by, buildings often need additions, repurposing, or simple improvements to better serve modern-day needs. Rangel Construction has spent years working with numerous clients to make changes to existing buildings, even while their business is in operation, and we are one of the region’s leading commercial remodeling contractors. If you could use a renewal of your space or surroundings or want to know more about our remodeling and new additions, click here.

Building Care & Repair

Rangel Construction Company is proud to offer excellent building care services from the same great craftsmen that perform our large commercial construction and remodeling projects. Our goal is to bring professionalism into the details, improvements, and repairs of your commercial or industrial building. To keep your business operating and looking good, we streamline our repair services, getting to work right away, with all costs based on a simple fee schedule. Click here for more info.