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Custom Homes

Enjoy the professional process of constructing your new custom home with Rangel Construction!


Custom Homes

Rangel Construction Company brings its professional process and team of craftsmen to those who want to build a customized and beautiful new home. The process begins with a dedicated project manager, who works to understand the client’s needs. From there, the design process begins. If needed, a team of professional designers are assembled to assist both Rangel and the client through the development of construction drawings. When high levels of creativity are needed for your project, we believe that a studio approach to design is best. Great ideas will come through collaboration among the client, designers, and the construction team.

Rangel Construction Company is also able to work professionally with clients who have already completed their custom house plans. When professional designers haven’t been consulted, our process will still involve a limited amount of consultation from engineers and designers to ensure Rangel’s required level of quality and construction support. Bringing the proper amount of knowledge, technical details, and guidance to our projects is key to our repeated success.

Our clients enjoy communication from the start to the finish of their project with one primary point of contact from Rangel Construction Company. Further, your project manager will enjoy the continual support of upper-level management and onsite craftsmen through the design and construction process. Come enjoy the professional process of constructing your custom home with Rangel!